29th April'24 @Cluj-Napoca

The Blockchain Builders Meetup returned to Cluj-Napoca on April 29.

We were excited for our partnership with @EthCluj and for reconnecting with our fellow Transylvanian builders!

28th March '24 X EdenBlock X Bware Labs @Buc

On March 28th, we joined our event in partnership with Eden Block X Bware Labs, prev to Eth Conference held at Galeria Galateca in Bucharest.

This gathering was specially organized for our Blockchain Builders Community in collaboration with Eden Block and Bware Labs.

4th March'24 @Iasi

The Blockchain Builders Meetup returned to where it all started in 2023. Our 7th event took place in Iasi on March 4th, bringing back fond memories and old friends, but also introducing new professional builders to our community.

We were excited to welcome 20 builders from the city where our meetups originated. The gathering offered chances for interesting tech discussions, teamwork, and making new connections.

2nd March'24 @Bucharest

On March 2nd, 2024, we hosted the biggest Blockchain Builders Meetup ever, as part of the Crypto Expo Europe Conference.

More than 100 builders from Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Hungary, and different cities in Romania came together. It was an exciting event where people talked about new tech ideas, exchanged contacts, and made new friends.

29th Jan '24 @Timisoara

Blockchain Builders Meetup captivates the western part of Romania. The inaugural event in Timisoara, the fifth in our series, culminated on January 29, 2024, proving to be a resounding success.

We were thrilled to welcome 40 builders from different corners of the country to this vibrant event. The gathering provided a platform for engaging tech talks, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and valuable networking opportunities.

14th Dec '23 @Bucharest

Over 40 experts, including blockchain developers, researchers, business developers, and project managers, came together at the latest Blockchain Builders meetup in Bucharest.

We discussed the newest trends, shared ideas, and explored how to work together better in the world of blockchain. The event was a great opportunity for networking and learning about the future of blockchain technology.

20th Nov '23 @Cluj-Napoca

Anticipation was high for the Cluj-Napoca Blockchain Builders Meetup on the 20th of November at Insomnia venue, where around 50 builders participated.

Echoing the success of previous gatherings, this event served as a platform for technical minds within the blockchain realm to exchange their know-how and delve into the practical aspects of their groundbreaking work in web3 technologies.

18th Oct '23 @Bucharest

In Bucharest, the blockchain community doubled in strength with over 40 builders coming together.

The event was a mix of presentations, networking, and experience sharing. Here, attendees ranged from security experts to those creating new ways for users to engage with the blockchain through reputation systems and metaverse architecture.

4th Sept '23 @Iasi

The Iași meetup attracted a group of more than 20 blockchain enthusiasts who shared a common goal: to talk about and grow their projects.

It was an event where people from different backgrounds, whether they were developers or new to the industry, could learn about each other's work and discuss the practical side of building on the blockchain.