The event was also cozy, friendly, and sociable, allowing participants to enjoy an atmosphere conducive to technical discussions. Out of the 20 attendees, each had an impressive story to share from their experience in the blockchain field.

It was a heartwarming occasion as we reminisced about our journey and celebrated the growth of our community. As conversations flowed and connections were made, it became evident that the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration is what truly defines our gatherings.

Mirela works as a Lead Editor in Banking and Fintech. She's really interested in digital currency, so she enjoys learning all about cryptocurrencies and keeping up with this domain.

Gabriel is the Founder and Software Engineer at Coinalyze. He collects data on cryptocurrency futures markets, including open interest, funding rates, predicted rates, liquidations, volume, and more.

Alexandru, CEO of Cybertech, has 20 years of online experience. He helps clients refine strategies and choose technical solutions, skilled in business analysis, online marketing, and solutions architecture.

The 7th event in our meetup series took place right where our story began, in Iasi. On March 4th, we returned to our beloved city to reunite with old friends of the community and warmly welcome new members. The event, well put together by the amazing team, showed how working together in the world of blockchain can make a big difference.

We look forward to many more memorable events in the future, where we can continue to learn from one another, inspire, and support each other in our blockchain endeavors.