Comets of Web3 launches The First Romanian Solana Developer Program with the Solana Foundation Support

Daiana Marculescu

5/29/20242 min read

Comets of Web3, Romania's leading blockchain builders community, has partnered with the Solana Foundation to launch the first-ever Solana developer program in the country. This landmark collaboration marks the first time the Solana Foundation has directly provided support to the blockchain builders community in Romania, signifying a major step forward for the Eastern European blockchain ecosystem.

This large-scale partnership aims to empower and cultivate the region's blockchain talent pool. Comets of Web3, with its vision of fostering a thriving blockchain community across Eastern Europe, will spearhead the initiative. The project will equip over 100 developers with the technical expertise and practical skills required to navigate the Solana ecosystem effectively.

The program will be delivered in two cohorts, with the first commencing on June 25th, 2024. Both cohorts will be supported by the Solana Foundation, making this an exceptional opportunity for aspiring developers to gain valuable knowledge and propel their careers in blockchain technology.

Building a Robust Blockchain Community in Eastern Europe

Comets of Web3 has established itself as the premier blockchain builders community in Romania. Their mission extends beyond education; they strive to foster connections and provide opportunities that nurture the growth of Web3 projects. With a focus that began in Romania, they now set their sights on cultivating a community exceeding 10,000 blockchain builders across Eastern Europe. This ambitious vision positions Comets of Web3 to become a prominent force within the global blockchain builder landscape.

Leading the Charge: Daiana Marculescu

Daiana Marculescu is the Founder and the Ecosystem Leader of Comets of Web3. Her previous experience involves coordinating one of the world's largest blockchain ecosystems, encompassing over 25 teams spread across the globe, and managing a budget of over $40 million. Marculescu's leadership and expertise will undoubtedly be instrumental in the success of the First Romanian Solana Developer Program.

A Stepping Stone for the Future of Blockchain in Eastern Europe

The launch of the Solana Developer Program signifies a pivotal moment for the blockchain industry in Romania and Eastern Europe. By equipping developers with the necessary skills to build on Solana, Comets of Web3 and the Solana Foundation are laying the groundwork for a vibrant and innovative blockchain ecosystem in the region. This program has the potential to unlock a new wave of blockchain development and solidify Eastern Europe's position as a major player in the global blockchain landscape.