The Blockchain Builders Meetup that captivated the western part of Romania on January 29th brought together 40 blockchain professionals. The fifth event of our series of meetup and the first one on 2024 was a huge success, getting people form all across the country to travel and participate.

Participants such as the team, represented here by Iancu Armand, Bogdan Muntean,
George Popescu, Eduard Stefan & Bianca Dancu, talked about how they developed an AI-integrated digital wallet in order to simplify navigation through crypto, NFTs, and DeFi,.

Andrei Pirvulescu, programmer, works on PeerMe project at MultiversX, focusing on all aspects of DAOs, ensuring communities thrive in a decentralized, autonomous system.

In this cozy, heart-warming and informal setting, attendees had the opportunity to discuss about their projects, look for their next co-founder, and share tech insights for the 2024.

The energy around was perfect for networking. We were happy to meet people who travelled from the other part of the country just to participate on this event and create connections.

Marius Balaj is a co-founder of QED, a company of coding experts, consultants, open-source enthusiasts, and passionate researchers. We embrace diversity and believe that our team members define our success.

A project that stole the show that night was Sanki Vraja, represented by Andrei Dragu & Valentin Valcu. They want to create a groundbreaking ecosystem, intertwining art with blockchain technology and Web3 principles, anchored by the Sanki token and brand, fostering a community.

As the first Blockchain Builders Meetup of 2024, it was both surprising and delightful for us to see so many people eager to travel such distances to join our events. Additionally, each person who participates in our events and joins our blockchain community brings an unimaginable added value, helping us move one step closer to becoming the largest blockchain community.