The Bucharest Blockchain Builders Meetup on December 14th brought together over 40 professionals such as blockchain developers, researchers, business developers, and project managers. Daiana, Bianca, and Corina organized the event, with sponsorship from DoraHacks.

Other participants such as Vitalie Mirza, representing Portus Network, talked about the "oracle problem" and how their project addresses this critical issue in the blockchain space.

Iulian Pitearo, expert in business development for blockchain projects, shared his insights and perspectives, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the industry and emphasizing the importance of robust BD practices to drive success in diverse blockchain projects.

In this casual and relaxed environment, participants had the chance to debate the latest innovations in the industry and share ideas.

Notable attendees included Endi Ungureanu and Octavian Ostanescu from EthBucharest, contributing valuable insights to the discussions on blockchain development and Ethereum-related topics.

Andrei H, talked about his work on building with the Solana stack and the innovative projects he has been involved in. His conversations highlighted the practical applications and potential of Solana in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Alin Iftemi, blockchain developer and educator, shared his knowledge and experience in teaching web3 courses and implementing blockchain solutions for enterprises.

As the last Blockchain Builders Meetup of 2023, it wasn't just about learning. Comets of Web3 provided a chance for people to connect and share ideas in a relaxed and friendly setting. Attendees had the opportunity to explore a broad range of topics and also to create valuable connections.