At this event, over 100 blockchain builders from all corners of Romania gathered, eager for new connections, partnerships, and technical discussions highlighting the latest trends and business insights in the web3 and blockchain domains.

Daiana, our Ecosystem Lead, was the main speaker during the fireside chat panel, alongside other representatives from both projects, Eden Block and Bware Labs. Within the panel, they delved into topics related to community building in the blockchain space, sharing insights, experiences, and strategies for fostering vibrant and engaged communities within the blockchain ecosystem.

Our most recent event, which took place on March 28th, was truly remarkable, thanks to the collaboration between our team and Eden Block and Bware Labs. This event was strategically timed before the Eth Conference in Bucharest, adding to its significance and impact within the blockchain community.

We look forward to many more memorable events in the future, where we can continue to learn from one another, inspire, and support each other in our blockchain endeavors.

Among the blockchain builders who joined us at the event was Paige Soponar, Co-Founder & COO of The-Connecter. The-Connecter provides simple, secure, and low-fee worldwide transactions using decentralized finance blockchain technology. Paige is also a member of NYC FinTech Women, an organization offering mentorship, sponsorship, and networking opportunities to empower women in the FinTech community.

We also met Alex, the powerhouse behind communications, community, and events at Request Network. Passionate about blockchain and decentralized finance, Alex is a full-time NFT enthusiast, connecting financial systems for more inclusive economies.