Comets of Web3 hosted the first blockchain event in Romania on September 4th in Iasi. We were happy to see that 20 professional builders joined us in this successful inaugural meetup, brought to life by our amazing team, formed by Daiana and Madalina. The event, organized by this fantastic team, showed how working together and building a community is important in the fast-paced world of blockchain technology.

We are incredibly thrilled by the success of our first event. It marks a huge milestone for us as a community on our journey to becoming the largest blockchain community not only in Romania but also internationally. Every person who participated and joined us on this path to success brings tremendous value. We thank you and look forward to seeing you at future events.

Paul is one of the founders of Sablier, a popular platform for distributing tokens on the Ethereum network. Sablier allows for payments to be made by the second in the web3 space. It's used by DAOs and businesses for things like employee payouts and airdrops.

Cosmin, also known as RSC, is the CEO & Founder of Cyberpunk Capital. His platform is interested in macroeconomics, trading, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the stock market.

Dana is passionate about blockchain and works as a Sales Enablement Communication Specialist. She helps build relationships with key stakeholders and ensures smooth communication.